Commercial Flat Panel Display Installation

Professional Flat Panel Installation for Every Business Need

In today’s visual-based markets, providing your clients and employees a clear, concise snapshot of your business has never been more important. A professional commercial flat panel display installation can be an integral part of your company’s visual brand.

Whether it’s displaying your company logo, showcasing a marquee product or service, providing important information to employees or as part of a video conferencing system, flat panel displays are a crucial part of today’s workplace.

Peerless Audio and Video has a flat screen solution for your every business need:

  • Audio & Video Conferencing
  • Digital menus for bars and restaurants
  • Large format monitors for data centers and control rooms
  • 4K and 8K displays for hospitality areas and entertainment facilities
  • Local presentation areas / huddle rooms
  • Lobby panels and common areas

Flat panel display sizes range from 32” to 110”, and are commercial-grade to withstand long hours of use under a number of challenging circumstances.

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